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Find Dora The Explorer theme products for children including toys, games, books, videos, bags, backpacks, bed and bath, that are available from online toy stores that ship from within Canada.

A comprehensive variety of Dora products, which are available year round, and not subject to seasonal demands can be found at Kimmy Shop

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Dora The Explorer Games

Dora games and DVD'S

Pictured below is an Dora the Explorer® Sheet set from Sears Canada which is an example of the Dora stuff available online at Sears Canada.
Dora The Explorer Bedding

Dora The Explorer bedding

Dora The Explorer electronic learning products

They no longer maintain a separate Canadian website but you can still buy in Canadian dollars and have your purchase shipped from Montreal Quebec.

U.S. Customers will buy in U.S. dollars and with shipping from NY state. Free shipping for orders over $99.00 applies in both countries.

For Canadians, Amazon Canada,see serach box on right, now draws on the Kimmy Shop stock and provide an alternate site from which to shop online in Canada for Dora products.

Other Dora products from Sears are sorted into the following categories:

  • Bed and bath
  • Décor and window
  • Electronics
  • kids and toys
  • Luggage.

Toys R Us has a very large inventory available online sorted as follows:

  • Dora dolls and play sets
  • Fisher-price Dora
  • Dora activities and crafts
  • Dora outdoor toys
  • Dora toddler room
  • Dora electronic learning
  • Dora Books
  • Mega Bloks.

Dora Electronic Products

Dora electronic learning at Toys R Us Canada

This animated television character is bilingual speaking in both English and basic Spanish as she travels through a tropical world solving many problems along the way with her best friend Boots the Monkey.

When children are watching the show they learn about animals, nature, maps, basic Spanish, math, music, and many other things.

Dora lives with her (Grandmother). A regular pattern or story line is usually followed in most Dora the Explorer episodes. She always has somewhere to go or something to get done. During the show Dora and Boots will meet Swiper who steals one her items and hides it just for fun. Don't worry Dora will find it. she always does.

As she travels from location to location, which are shown on a map, she will meet up with one of her many friends. Some obstacles always crop up that she must overcome which she always does of course. At the end of each episode, when when the final destination has been reached, she and every friend that appeared with her in the episode declare "We Did It".

For more information visit Treehouse TV.

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