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Your guide to the best Canada book store sites for those seeking new, used, rare, cheap, children's and music books. I also include eReaders which are the newest innovation for books.

AbeBooks ReviewAbeBooks Review

You can find just about any kind of book at the remarkable AbeBooks website. For avid book lovers this store is a gateway to small bookstores, not only in Canada, but throughout the world.

Amazon Canada LogoBooks and more

A review of the Amazon Canada website discovers that this company has evolved from being a bookstore. There are now more than ......

Chapters.Indigo reviewAll Canadian bookstore and more is the largest Canadian book retailer. They are actually much more than that now as they offer many more product lines .........

Text Books

You can buy new and used Text Books or even rent them. If you have textbooks you would like to sell do it with an online textbook store.

Cheap Books

There are numerous online sources for the acquisition of cheap books. Some come from publishers that have an excess books in stock caused by over printing or books that have been returned by retailers for credit. These books are then obtained from the publisher by book retailers specializing in selling such books. Used book stores are also a great source of cheap books.

Music Books
There are thousands of music books available for Canadians online. There is also a broad range of classical to underground music, rock, country, jazz, blues, R&B and rap books available.

Used Books
Two incredibly successful online stores represent thousands of small independent stores which often allows you find your used book fairly close to you. You cannot only buy a used book in Canada but can also search for that rare book in stores all over the world. This is also a good source for new books.

Electronic Books or eReaders are the latest hi-tech devices for the avid book reader. Shopping online in Canada reveals multiple choices of reader and eBook products from which to choose.

The Canadian "Kobo" ereader is capable of connecting to and using the services of public libraries across the country. Download your book and save the trip to your library. Of course, you will also have access to millions of other books. My wife and daughter love their Kobo's.

Electronic Dictionary or Translator.
An electronic dictionary or translator is useful for international travelers. Language teacher dictionaries, hand held dictionary, translator models and languages sporting over 70 titles in more than 30 languages are available in ,many styles and forms.


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