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The popularity of online shopping in Canada continues to grow every year.

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I find and review websites that ship from within Canada, price their goods in Canadian dollars and provide a secure environment in which to conduct transactions.

The reviews include a lot of the vital information you need to determine whether you should buy from any particular shop.

Basic Store Information - What to look for.

  • Do they have flyers or gift cards or certificates.
  • Do they have bricks and mortar retail stores.
  • What currencies can you buy and what methods of payment they have available.
  • What shipping options are available and how do they handle returns.
  • Do you have to pay duty and / or customs charges.
  • Is the site available in french.
  • Is privacy and security documentation available on site.
  • How to contact customer service.
  • Do they have a physical address.

Search Engine Results

The results presented by search engines, when looking for stores at which to shop online, contain too many foreign sites for my liking. I want to buy in my own currency and do not want to contend with customs and duty charges plus I do not like shipping delays because it is shipped from outside the country.

Those of you that feel the same way should enjoy your visit with me because I spend my time finding the websites that cater to these needs. On top of that I check them thoroughly for trust and security and if I feel comfortable shopping there myself I tell you about them.

Product Returns

Returning products back across the border can be very costly and annoying. The one time I have returned a product to the U.S. the net cost to me in terms of dollars and sheer aggravation was untenable and has deterred me from any cross border shopping since then. A number of years ago I purchased a disc with program upgrade from the U.S., that I suspected I did not really need, but for $9.99 I decided to get it anyway. When it arrived I had to pay over $15.00 in border charges. Needless to say, I was furious. It was this experience that prompted me to develop this site.

N.B. When you visit Canadian online stores from this site be assured that I have vetted them well and consider them to be trustworthy, safe and secure stores that serve Canadians well. Thank you for visiting.

Shopping Securely Online

How do you know when you are on secure shopping page? Below I give you the signs to look for in order that you may determine if you can shop safely online with the online store you are visiting.

If you are a little wary about giving sensitive personal information about yourself, like credit card numbers, over the net you are not alone. In fact it is believed that as many as fifty percent of the people that start to fill out forms for a purchase will get cold feet and back out before completing their online purchase. You do not need to be scared to go shopping online in Canada if you take a little time to read on.

Why do people get cold feet? The horror stories about hackers and other devious operators on the net along with the fear of a medium that is poorly understood scares many that would shop online.

Do you give your credit card securely to a gas station attendant when filling up with gas? If so, do you allow the attendant to process your purchase while you stay in your car?. Do you use ATM's or make debit card purchases where you have to punch in your PIN?. These are two of the things that people do every day without giving a thought to how vulnerable they are to crooks wanting their info. When you are sitting at your computer typing in your info there is no fear of someone double swiping your card at a gas station or getting your PIN with a hidden camera.

I have used my credit card on websites many times and have sold hundreds of items on the net where my customers paid by credit card, through the secure shopping pages that I had set up, and have never experienced a single problem of any sort. Here is a good idea that may make you feel easier about using a credit card online. Get a new credit card with a low limit that you will only use for online shopping purposes.

How To Recognize A Secure Web Page

Filling out forms with your personal information and more importantly sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers should be on a secure shopping page. There are two ways of knowing when you are on a secure page that uses SSL Encryption which is the method commonly used to protect your information.

The address bar near the top your browser displays the Internet address of the page you are on e.g. This is not a secure page and you would not want to give out much more information than your name and email address on this page. If it were a secure page it would read Can you spot the difference? The only difference is the "s" that follows http at the beginning of the address. So, if you have to enter sensitive personal information, that is protected from all but the site collecting it, make sure the "s" follows http.

OK, your address bar reads "https". Go ahead and fill out the secure shopping form with your information you have little to fear at that point. Now you know how to recognize a safe web page.

Have fun shopping online in Canada.


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